Welcome to our website, Wuxi Fusheng Valve Industrial Co., Ltd. is a joint venture who is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of industrial valves

Fusheng Team
Fusheng Valve—a professional valve manufacturer cultivated by the innovative culture of Yangtze Delta, is based on the progressive spirit and the overturning of tradition, Fusheng Valve also keep promises and abide by the credit with outstanding innovations and high quality so as to win reputation among competitive companies.


The very fundamental competitive power of the company is the team: the Fusheng Team, the pursuit towards the same goal, the collective spiritual understanding through cooperation and continuous accumulation of individual wisdom. The systematic organization of the company make sure all plans can be carried out immediately and effectively; the advanced management system keep the operating procedure efficient and effective; all these reflects the fact that Fusheng achieves its good performance through the advancing of its ever-developing management.



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